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At Hilaire McGriff PC, we know that each and every legal matter is also a personal matter — whether you're fighting against workplace discrimination or negotiating your first record deal. This is your life and your future. You deserve an attorney who will protect you ardently. Our attorneys' commitment to our clients is absolute. We are passionate about getting good results.

We are an employment and entertainment law firm located in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. We have helped hundreds of people seek justice when they face employment discrimination, and have advised companies and individuals in all areas of entertainment

"They could not have a greater sense of justice."

Satisfied Client

Each of us has experienced times in our lives when we have been beaten down by a person, company or system, and many among us face discrimination and injustice daily. Our lawyers are ardent purveyors of justice.

We fight for women who have been treated poorly or even fired because they are pregnant. We fight against employers who refuse to hire someone on account of their race or age. We act quickly to protect our clients from the damaging impacts of workplace sexual harassment. We offer years of well-honed advice to ensure people are not taken advantage of during contract negotiations.

We bleed for our clients. Why? Because we have been there and we know that the only way to stop it is to fight it.